Our Favorite Reusable Straws - Use Silicone Straws and Help The Environment and Wildlife

Have you seen the turtle with the straw up its nose video yet? If not, we highly recommend it. It was the final straw, when it came to our disposable straw use. We now use reusable straws, and it has become a habit, we only wish we'd adopted a long time ago.

resuable straws

There are several type of reusable straws, but the most common are: paper straws, silicone straws and stainless steel straws.

We prefer the silicone straws, because they last long, are easy to clean, and with small kids the stainless steel straws can lead to injuries.

A little more than a year ago, we bought our favorite smoothie straws on Amazon, and we have been extremely pleased with them. These Tifanso reusable silicone straws came with two cleaning brushes, and they are very affordable.

There are so many different brands available online, and ALDI even carries their own Crofton brand silicone straws.These can be hard to come by though, as they usually sell out quickly, especially in a coastal community such as ours. See our ALDI reusable straw post here.

silicone straws

When we are out walking, or on one of our neighborhood clean ups, we find so many straws littering the ditches, the sides of wetland and on our streets, and we live in an area with lots of turtles and wildlife.

On our latest walk, a 4 mile walk from the beach to downtown, our daughter kept on yelling out in desperation, whenever see saw a straw at the side of the road. At the very same walk, we also spotted two small tortoises and 1 large turtle, and at the beach we saw plenty of turtle nests and unfortunately three dead baby turtles.

According to National Geographic, it is estimated that 500 millions straws are used every day, many of these end up in our oceans and waterways, and as we see at our wetland area, these straws simply break into smaller pieces the longer they are left in nature.

Have you switched to reusable straws yet?

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