Community Clean Up - Lots of Straws & Recyclables

Our kids recently started a local nature society for our community, and this past weekend was their second organized clean-up event.

straw litter in grass

With everything going on, we decided to keep it to a minimum, and it ended up just being our family cleaning up around the block. Still, it is amazing just how much garbage we were able to collect in about an hour and a half.

Included in the about 20 gallons of garbage we collected and the 30 gallons of recycling, we collected at least 40 straws of different sizes - and yes we have turtles in our neighborhood.

Every time we picked up a straw, we were reminded of the horrific video with the turtle getting a straw pulled out of its nose.

Have you seen it? If not, we strongly recommend watching it, although it is sure to leave a lasting impression.

You can watch the turtle with straw in nose video here.

What frustrates us the most about picking up garbage in our neighborhood is that a week later, you can barely see that we have been there. We find a little less trash now that school is not in session, and one thing we noticed was that there was less fast-food bags. We live right in between two schools, and it seems that the garbage is tossed either before or after the kids are dropped off at school.

For now the ditches on our street look clean, and while hopeful, we know that it will be full of garbage in a week or so.

ditch with litter
The ditch with litter before our clean up

The ditch after our clean up

Do you participate in community clean up events in your neighborhood?


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