Our North Florida Trees and Plants

If you are looking for plants that grow well in North Florida, please feel free to send us an email at dancingtreetopsblog@gmail(dot)com.


If you have any plants you would like to trade, we are always looking for new plants and trees, especially edible perennial plants and fruit trees. We're in St. Augustine, Florida. 

Below you can see a list of plants and trees that we have in our food forests and permaculture gardens.

We grow native plants, edible plants and trees as well as trees and plants that do well in zone 9a/9b with no or minimal weather protection. 

Some of the trees/plants we grow to share:

  • Elderberry Shrub
  • Papaya 
  • American Persimmon
  • Amaranth - Love Lies Bleeding
  • Milkweed
  • Pomegranate 
  • Loquat Trees
  • Dragonfruit Cacti 
  • Passion fruit vine
  • Avocado
  • Aloe vera
  • Lemongrass
  • Wandering Yew 
  • Bromeliads
  • Red Cannas
  • Peace Lily
  • Red lily
  • Shell Ginger
  • Queen palm
  • Cabbage palm - Florida's state tree
  • Date palm
  • Mother-In-Law's Tongue
  • Mikado plant
  • Water oak
  • Bamboo
  • Bougainvillea
  • Firecracker/coral plant - Russelia
  • Tomato Plants 
  • Pepper Plants 
  • Spider plants
  • Nasturtium 
  • Wild violets  
  • Mistletoe cacti
  • Magnolia seedlings
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Mulberry Bush
  • Beauty Berry
  • Chaya
  • Sissoo Spinach
  • Okinawa Spinach
  • Hoan Ngoc

Below is a list of Florida edible plants, native and non-native plants, and North Florida fruit trees in our Florida food forest and permaculture garden.

Florida Native Fruit Trees and Plants:

Elderberry *
American Persimmons *
Parsley Haw *
Paw Paw (Asiminia Triloba) *
Wild blackberries *
Wild blueberries *
Common Purslane *
Violets *
Lycium Carolinianum - Christmas Berry/native goji *
Scarlet hibiscus - scarlet marshmallow*
Maypop Passionfruit *
Cabbage Palm *
Palmetto Palm *
Beauty Berry*
Southern Magnolia *
Willow *
Spiderwort *
Firebush *
Florida fire cracker *

North Florida Bananas:
Rajapuri Banana *
Ice Cream Banana/Blue Java Banana *
Grand Nain Banana *
Dwarf Musa Cavendish Banana *
Dwarf Red Musa Cavendish Banana *
Dwarf Namwah Banana *
Unknown Banana *
Unknown Banana *@

North Florida Blueberries:
Emerald Blueberry *
Misty Blueberry *
Brightwell Blueberry *
Sharp Blue Blueberry *
Climax Blueberry 
Tifblue Blueberry
Premier Blueberry

North Florida Blackberries:
Arapaho blackberry
Thornless Triple Crown Blackberry
Osage Thornless Blackberry 
Ouachita Thornless blackberry 

North Florida Fruit Trees, Bushes and Vines:
Papaya *
Loquat *
Pomegranate *
Passion Fruit Vine - Passiflora Edulis Hybrid *
Sam Houston Peach 
Florida King Peach 
FL Crest Peach
Celeste Fig *
White Fig *
Brown Turkey Fig*
Golden Dorsett Apple Tree *
Anna Apple Tree *  
Dolgo Crab Apple Tree *
Santa Rosa Plum *
Bruce Plum 
Red plum *
Tikal Guava *
Pineapple Guava 
Cattley Guava  *
Barbados Cherry *
Jamaican Cherry/Strawberry Tree - (Muntingia Calabura)
Suriname Cherry *
Cherry of the Rio Grande (Eugenia Involucrate Aggregata) 
Jaboticaba - Red Hybrid (Jaboticaba Myrciaria Plinia cauliflora x aureanam)
Black Sapote/Chocolate Pudding Tree (Diospyros Nigra)
White Sapote/Custard Apple (Casimiroa Edulis)
Blackberry Jam Tree - Randia Formosa
Black beauty Mulberry *
Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry 
Unknown Mulberry Bush *
Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry *
Murcott Tangerine *
Meyer Lemon *
Starfruit/Carambola *
Passionfruit - (Passiflora Edulis) *
Haas Avocado *
Unknown Mango *
Haden Mango
Pink Dragonfruit *
Red Dragonfruit *
Purple Dragonfruit 
Yellow Dragonfruit 
Muscadine Grape*
Concord Grape *
Unknown Grape *
Goji Berry (Lycium Barbarum) *
Abequina Olive Tree *
Coratina Olive Tree - Olea Europaea *
Date palm *

North Florida Edible Perennial Greens/Herbs:
Oregano *
Thyme *
Sage *
Rosemary *
Peppermint *
Chocolate Mint *
Red Sorrel *
Cranberry Hibiscus *
New Zealand Spinach *
Sissoo Spinach *
Okinawa Spinach *
Longevity Spinach *
Mushroom Herb *
Vietnamese Coriander 
Hoan Ngoc *
Cuban oregano *
Katuk *
Culantro *
Purslane - non native_
Insulin Plant (Insulina) *
Aloe vera *
Agave *
Purple Coneflower - Echinacea 
Brown Eyed Susan 
Red Canna *
Dahlia *
Lemongrass *
South Sea Salad Tree
Chief Kubo's Prize South Sea Salad Tree - Abelmoschus Manihot
Chaya *
Sweet Charlie Strawberries 
Unknown Strawberries 
Pigeon pea
Garlic Chives
Society Garlic

North Florida Edibles - Annuals:
Everglades tomatoes
Tomato on the vine
Sweet Cherry Tomato
Bell Pepper *
Sweet mini Pepper *
Chili Pepper * (Short-lived perennial)
Datil Pepper *
Habanero Pepper * (Short-lived perennial)
Malabar Spinach
Amaranth - Love Lies Bleeding
Black Eye Peas
Roselle Hibiscus

North Florida Root Vegetables:
Sweet potato Purple *
Sweet Potato *
Jerusalem Artichokes/Sunchokes (Helianthus Tuberosus)
White and red potatoes *
Turmeric *

Other Special Trees and Flowers:
Yucca *
Leyland Cypress *
Dwarf Eucalyptus
Tamarind - Tamarindus Indica
Tree Philadendron *
Button Bush Trees *
Vicks Salve
Citronella (Pelargonium Graveolens Citrosa)
Swamp Milkweed 
Tropical Milkweed *
Blue Daze
Mexican Heather *
Plumbago *
Croton *
Ti Plant *
Bird of Paradise *
White Bird of Paradise 
Confederate Jasmine *
Night Blooming Jasmine
Bougainvillea *
Bromeliads *
Tasmania Blue Gum Tree/Eucalyptus Globolus 
Shell Ginger *
Lantana *
Elephant Ear *
Caladium *
Red Lily *
Peace Lily
Mikado Plant
Succulents *
Weeping Willow *
Bamboo *
Rubberplant (Ficus elastica)
Firecracker Plant/coral plant (Russelia equisetiformis)

Anything with an * means that it has survived a North Florida winter uncovered in down to 28 degrees F, and that it has survived a North Florida summer in growing zone 9a. 

We are always looking for new edible plants, especially edible perennials and North Florida fruit trees and native Florida edible and flowers, trees and plants.

If you are looking for edible plants that grow well in North Florida or of you have somethingyou would like to trade, please feel free to send us an email at dancingtreetopsblog@gmail(dot)com.

We also give a free small plant for every 10 nursery planters you bring. 


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