Picking Wild Blueberries in Florida

Wild blueberry season in Florida is remarkable. We grow several types and varieties of blueberries, but nothing can beat the native wild blueberries. 

The wild blueberry bushes start producing in April, and they're still going strong by June. The wild blueberries are small, much smaller than some of the commercial varieties, but they are sweet and delicious. 

We tried for years to grow commercial blueberry varieties in full sun as the package labels suggested, but when we discovered the first wild blueberries at the land, we changed direction. 

The wild blueberries in Florida grow as an understory bush, thriving in areas with ferns and pine trees. They like wetland areas, but they do not like wet feet, so they either grow in an area next to a wetland, on top of dead tree stumps or at the bottom of tree trunks. 

We now grow our commercial varieties in a similar fashion with lots of pine bark, pine needles, and pine chips mixed in their growing medium, and whenever possible, we grow them beneath pine trees, and our blueberries are very happy. 

You can see more photos from our native wild blueberry grove here. 


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