$0.25 Tractor Supply Plant Clearance - 44 Bare-Root Plants for $11

We love a good plant sale, and we love rescuing plants. So when we discovered a 25-cent plant sale at Tractor Supply, we couldn't help ourselves. While these weren't FREE plants, they might as well have been. At $0.25 per plant, we are willing to take a chance on the bare-root plants, and we bought everything we've been looking at since the fall.

We are realists. We have purchased clearance plants at Tractor Supply before with mixed results. Some never made it out of the box, while others are now providing us with a bounty of food. 

While browsing the organic seeds at Tractor Supply, we noticed an employee marking down plants. At first, they were $1.75, but they were marking them down to $0.25 per plant, and that's when we went plant crazy.

Yes, we don't normally buy these at full price, because many of them aren't for our growing zone, and we're getting hotter. But, but, but, at 25 cents, we're going to try to grow raspberries and gooseberries...and much much more. 

We ended up purchasing 44 of the 25 cents Tractor Supply clearance plants for $11. We do not expect all of them to be okay, in fact we'll be happy with just 10 live plants, but only time will tell how they will do. 

Our Tractor Supply Plant Clearance Deals:

1 x Forsythia Lynnwood Gold
2 x Merritt's Supreme Hydrangea
4 x Heritage Raspberry 
1 x Chicago hardy fig 
2 x Muscadine grape - Cowart 
3 x Muscadine grape - Triumph 
3 x Blueberry Buckle 
2 x Silver Dollar Blueberry 
1 x Legacy Blueberry 
3 x Gooseberry Oregon champion 
2 x Thornless Blackberry - Chester 
2 x Dewberry - Austin 
4 x Blackberry Triple Crown 
1 x Nanking Cherry 
2 x Strawberry - Eversweet (10 bare-root strawberry plants in each box)
2 x Daylily Longfield's Glory 
1 x Buddleia Nacho Blue 
1 x Clematis Rouge Cardinal 
1 x Clematis Jackmanii 
1 x Lavandula 
5 x Rose of Sharon - Althea

How to Plant Bare-Root Plants

While we usually soak bare-root plants in water for about 2 hours before planting, the Tractor Supply plants were in such poor condition that we decided to leave them soaking in water overnight.

  1. Remove the plant from their packaging ASAP.
  2. Soak plants in water for 30 minutes - 2 hours (Or more)
  3. Create a good soil mix. We use a mix of compost, chicken compost, composted wood chips, the material that comes with the plants, and vermicompost. 
  4. If the plants need acidic soil such as blueberries, blackberries, and azaleas, we add pine bark.
  5. We also use this Mycorrhizae to help with root development.
  6. You may want to stimulate the roots, by pruning the roots slightly.
  7. Plant the plants in the pots.
  8. Water the plants in well.
  9. Prune the plants down to a healthy bud to encourage new growth. 
  10. Leave them in a shaded or dabbled-light spot for a week.
  11. After a week, move the plants to a spot where they get more sunlight, but still receive plenty of shade to recover.
  12. Once a plant shows signs of recovery, move it to a spot with more sunlight, but do not place it in full sun, until it starts looking better.

If you are curious about the condition of the 25 cents clearance plants from Tractor Supply, watch our step-by-step videos unboxing the bare-root clearance plants and videos on how to plant bare-root plants that are barely alive at our new re-wamped YouTube channel to see how we did. 

Sadly, the plants didn't look too good as we planted them, but we will do a follow-up video in a month or two to see if we made our goal of 10 plants. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube so you don't miss it.

Part 1 - Our 25 Cents Tractor Supply Clearance Plant Haul

Part 2 - Unboxing the Clearance Plants 

Part 3 - Planting Bare-root Plants (Hoping to Revive the Dead-Looking Plants)


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