USDA Hardiness Zone Changes 2023 - Find Your Growing Zone in Florida

2023 USDA Hardiness Zone Map
Hardiness Zones 2023 courtesy of USDA

Plant Hardiness Zones 2023

The USDA has released an updated 2023 growing zone map, the first update in ten years. You can find the plant hardiness zone map here.

The St. Augustine area is now in growing zone 9b compared to the previous grow zone 9a. 

I have been growing my garden as if it was in zone 9b for the past 5+ years, so I am not surprised. This means that the annual average extreme low temperatures are 25 - 30 degrees F. 

growing zones Florida
Growing Zones Florida 2023

At the house where we've been living since 2016, we've never measured below 28 degrees F.

I am surprised that 9b has been pushed all the way up to the Northeast Florida/Georgia border as Jacksonville is often a lot colder than St. Augustine. 

Hardiness Zone Changes in 2023 from 2012

Hardiness Zone Changes
Hardiness Zone changes 2023 courtesy of USDA

Did your plant hardiness zone change?


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