Our Community Compost Pile

community compost pile St. Augustine Florida

Do you want to compost? Do you not have the space? Look for a community compost pile in your area. We love our community compost pile at The Land. 

st. augustine compost

A few years back we cleared a section of palmettos a the front of our property, so that we could receive free woodchips from local arborist and tree cutters.

getting free woodchips

There's so much joy in my heart, when we discover that a load of woodchips has been dropped off. Even the knowledge that I will be spending hours sweating while moving woodchips does not put a damper on my joy.

We put up two signs telling people they could drop of leaves, grass clippins and compost there, and they do.

Lately it has been leaves and rabbit poop. Both are gold in my opinion.

Rabbit poop compost

Soil is a hot commodity, and woodchips make great soil, so do leaves. 

What do we do with our compost? We make soil and use it for our food forest, and raise our gardening area, so it won't flood.

We often drive around on the weekend picking up leaves, and we have a kind lady in our neighborhood, who will call us, when she's got a bunch of bags.  When I say a bunch, take a look at this pile. This is from our last pick up at her house.

Composting leaves St. Augustine

I will never forget the first time I met the woman. We had been picking up bags of leaves from her home a few times, when I was at a cemeteries cleanup event.  She was explaining to someone where she lived, and I asked. "Do you bag up your leaves?" The answer was yes, and she started telling me about how she used to drop off the leaves at a relative's house on our street, because they were trying to prevent flooding in their driveway. 

So, if you're in St. Augustine and want to compost, but don't have the room, send us a message on social media or send us an email, so we can let you know where to drop off. 

Want to learn how to compost, how to compost wood chips, how to get free woodchips or how to make your own worm bin? Check out our other pieces on compost, and you'll soon be making your own black gold.

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