Regrowing Green Onions From the Grocery Store

Regrowing green onion

Regrowing green onions from the grocery store is easy. It a great starting gardening projects for beginners, but even seasoned gardeners enjoy growing green onions this way, because it is much quicker than having to start your green onions from scratch, and it is a great way to stretch your money by growing something again after you've used it once. 

Regrowing green onions is easy to do, and if you take good care of your green onions, they will keep on giving you green onions to cut for months.

Regrowing green onion  and leeks

How To Regrow Green Onions:

  1. Use the green onions. You can either cut down leaving just a little green left, or cut to where the green onion divides for greater success.
  2. Set the green onion roots in a glass of water, only covering the roots and the whites of the onion.
  3. After a few days, once the green onions show signs of growths, transfer these to the garden.
  4. You can put them in a pot with soil (make sure it has drainage holes) or simply plant the green onions directly in good soil in a sunny spot.
  5. The more you cut the green onions, the more growth you'll get. 

green onions

These green onions were planted several months ago, and they are still going strong. I try to use a little once a week, and I always start with any green that have buckled over.