Lowe's Plant Clearance $0.50 & Up - Lavender $2 & More Deals

It is not often that we spend money on plants, but we always make sure to look at the Lowe's clearance section to see, if there are any plants we can afford.  


plant clearance at Lowe's

Our local Lowe's clearance section usually sell discounted plants from $0.50 - $7, and we have found some great deals there.

Lowe's plant clearance racks

We spotted crepe myrtles, grasses and much much more.


This past week we stopped by and found two plants on our wish list. We have had great success with purchasing plants at Lowe's for a dollar in the past, and as long as you are careful in choosing your plants I'm sure you will too. We found 3 plants for $5 and of course we paid with a Lowe's gift card earned from scanning in receipts. You can learn more about how we earn gift cards here.

An Angelonia plant:


angelonia plant

This Archangel Dark Purple Angelonia plant was on clearance for $1 (Regular price $8.98)

Angelonia is supposed to be blooming almost continuously in our 9b growing zone, and since our plum tree usually blooms in the winter, we need something that will bloom year round for better pollination.

A Potted Lavender:


This Lavender plant - Lavandula Pinnata - was on clearance for $2 (Regular price $6.98)

I've tried growing lavender from seed, but never had any good results, so I hope this lavender plant will work better in our pollinator garden. 

purple periwinkle

A Hanging Planter with Periwinkle:

Large Perivinkle - vinca mayor - on clearance for $2 (Regular price $14.98)

We have a perivinkle - we call it pink vinca - in our garden, which seems to bloom all year, and at $2 for a hanging planter, it seemed like a great buy, even if it was an impulse buy not on our plant wish list. 

Our Lowe's had lots of plants on clearance. Did you ever buy any of the clearance plants at Lowe's? Did you have any success growing them? You can find more of our Lowe's $1 plant clearance deals here.


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