Earn Gift Cards Online For Your Gardening Expenses

There's not much money left over for gardening in our teacher's budget, and sometimes we just need something for the garden that cannot be found for free or bought for cheap. This is where shopping with gift cards come in. Over the past couple of decades we have found the perfect formula for earning gift cards online, most of which end up paying for birthday and Christmas gifts for our five kids, but sometimes we set aside a gift card or two to pay for items needed in the garden. 



Projects Paid For With Gift Cards Earned Online or via Mobile Apps:

  • Fencing around the vegetable garden
  • Grape vine arbor over chicken run
  • Plants and seeds for the garden
  • Netting for rain barrels and to protect veggies
  • Tile for patio
  • Potting soil for indoor starter plants
  • Vertical strawberry planter
  • Plastic covering to protect plants against frost

We are well aware that there are many more online earning websites out there, and while we invite you to share your favorites in the blog comments, we have found that our time is better served, if we focus on the sites below and do them every day.

In addition to earning gift cards online, we are also thrilled about earning gift cards through mobile apps, in fact when we first decided to get smartphones, it was only because we saw a way to earn some of the phone bill back, and I'd say between our four phone lines, we earn at least 40 percent back through gift cards each month.  

Now, before you start signing up to earn gift cards online, there are a few things essential to your success:


Tips For Earning Money Online:

  1. Set up an email just for online earning opportunities, so your regular email will not be flooded with emails.
  2. Add a link to each of your online earning websites on your bookmark toolbar
  3. Consistency is the key to earning gift cards online. Set aside some time each day to at least get your search points and daily poll questions answered.
  4. Learn to multitask on the computer. It is possible to have Swagbucks videos playing in one window, while you blog, browse, shop etc. in another tab.
  5. Read the rules and follow them. I have had lots of readers get banned from sites, because they did not follow the rules, and getting blocked from a site means a lost earning opportunity.
  6. Tell your friends. One way to earn more on every site is by having your friends and family sign up under you. When they earn - you earn!

Our Favorite Ways To Earn Gift Cards Online:


Swagbucks is by far our favorite place to earn gift cards online, and we have been doing so since 2008 before we had our three youngest children. There have been many great websites to earn gift cards at over the years, but many have changed for the worse by making it more difficult to earn enough points for gift cards or simply by disappearing altogether. Swagbucks has remained a steady force in the online earning world over the years, and we are able to earn between $25 and $50 each month with minimal effort and time spent. Our older boys have their own accounts, and they appreciate being able to save up for the technology items that would otherwise not be within their reach. 

  • Swagbucks tip #1: Try to reach your daily goal every day as the bonuses add op, and the more you get the bigger the bonus you get the following month.
  • Swagbucks tip #2: Save up your points until you have enough for a $25 gift card. Some $25 gift cards are discounted by 300 swagbucks ($3) once a month, so that you only have to pay 22,000 Swagbucks to redeem. 
  • Swagbucks tip #4: If possible, try to get your search points twice a day.
  • Swagbucks tip #5: Check out the WATCH category, this is one of our favorite ways to earn, while we do other things on the computer. 
  • Swagbucks tip #6: Manually clicking on videos, earn points faster. But if you leave the computer, simply leave the computer on automatic play. These videos will have a little symbol in the corner, so you can see which ones.
  • Swagbucks tip #7: Always participate in the team challenges, Swago etc., sometimes these promotions will earn you a Swagup = a discount when you make a redemption.
  • Swagbucks tip #8: Download the app, so you can watch videos on your phone - these run automatically. But make sure that your phone is set to use your wifi, if you do not have unlimited data on your phone.

(If several members of a household have accounts, then you need to make sure that they stay on their computers/phones, so you do not intermix the accounts with ip addresses.)

Sign up for Swagbucks here. If you earn 300 Swagbucks within the first 30 days, you will get a $3 bonus and so will we.

Microsoft Rewards - Bing

We have also been a member of Microsoft Rewards since 2008, but over the years this program has changed names several times, and the program itself has gone through quite a few growing pains. However, it still remains a steady earner, and we earn about $10 - $15 in gift cards each month. Our older boys have their own accounts, and it is a great way for them to earn a little spending money, while still being able to keep their main focus on school. (If several members of a household have accounts, you need to make sure that they stay on their computers/phones, so you do not intermix the accounts with ip addresses.) You can

  • Microsoft Rewards Tip #1: The more days you do your daily streaks, the more bonus points you earn. 
  • Microsoft Rewards Tip #2: Download the Bing app on your phone, and use it whenever you need to look something up, so you get your points without even thinking about it.

Sign up and learn more about Microsoft Rewards here or use your microsoft email (hotmail, outlook etc.)


Mypoints is similar to Swagbucks, and it seems to be powered by the same search engine. We do our Swagbucks and Mypoints searches at the same time to be more time efficient, and we usually copy search terms from our bing searches to get three programs done at once. 

  • Mypoints tip #1: Make sure to check your email every 5 days or so, search for Mypoints and click through all the Mypoints bonus mail emails.  
  • Mypoints tip #2: If possible, try to get your search points twice a day.
  • Mypoints tip #3: Check out the WATCH category, this is one of our favorite way to earn, while we do other things on the computer. 
  • Mypoints tip #4: Get your point for doing the poll every day

Sign up at Mypoints here.



Rakuten used to be Ebates. It's a cash back site, not a point earning site, but we feel it is important to mention it, because why not get something back, if you're shopping online anyway. We always check Swagbucks, Mypoints and Rakuten before making a purchase, and most of the time we find that there is a cash back offer. 

  • Rakuten tip #1: Always check Rakuten before you shop
  • Rakuten tip #2: Get a sign up bonus


Sign up for Rakuten here and get a $30 cash bonus after your first purchase through Rakuten.

(To qualify for your Welcome Bonus, you must be a new Rakuten member and place a qualifying order totaling a minimum of $25 within 90 days of joining.)




For more great ways to earn gift cards to help cover your gardening expenses, make sure to check out our post about money making apps


money making apps



Do you use money making apps and online earning sites to pay for your gardening expenses?



Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.



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