Lowes Plant Clearance - $1 Lantana & More

We do not like spending money on plants, but we love growing plants. However, we do have a guilty pleasure, which is perusing the plant clearance shelves at Lowes. Today, we were at Lowes to pick up a spigot for a new-to-us rain barrel, and of course we had to take a peak at the Lowes plant clearance area.


white lantana plants in pots

It was so tempting to pick up a lot of plants, but we thought about the budget and the space around our current home, and decided to only pick up two plants. 

Our plum tree has been struggling, and we need to surround it with pollinator plants for better pollination, and for this purpose we were thinking about putting in a lantana bush, as lantana blooms almost all year here in North East Florida, even in fall and winter, when our plum tree is in bloom. 

We had found a pink lantana growing wild, and yes lantana does grow wild here in Florida, but it was struggling after the move from an empty wooden area in our neighborhood, and we decided to leave it at the land for now. So, when we spotted lantana plants on clearance for $1 a piece, we knew it was meant to be.



We picked up two white lantana plants, one of them which had two plants in it, for the cost of $1 each. Yay, for plant clearance! These lantana plants used to be $4.48, so that is a savings of $6.96 for the two plants.

white lantana flower

There were lots of plants at the Lowes clearance racks, but it was raining, so we did not take a photo. There were roses, more lantanas, bottle-brush bushes, succulents, potted plants and much much more. 


So next time you visit Lowes, make sure to take a look at the Lowes plant clearance section. It is usually in the back of the gardening section, but you may find plant clearance on shelves through out the garden center.  Sure there are some plants that look as if they're a lost cause, but many are simply not in bloom, or need a little tender loving care to blossom in your garden.

What's the best plant clearance deal you ever bought?