Finding Free Plants: Bromeliads & Agave

On our way to The Land this weekend, we discovered that one of our neighbors, a fellow lover of plants and trees, had been cleaning out in her garden.

At first glance, it looked just like yard waste, but taking a closer look we discovered that she had discarded some of her bromeliads and agave.

bromeliads in trash can

We gratefully dug through her leftovers, and at first separated a few of the bromeliads. Sure they needed nutrients and more room to grow, since they were stuck together as if they had been in a small pot. We separated some of them, and there were small shoots growing on several of the bromeliads

Separated Bromeliads

We brought what we could with us, before returning with a couple of buckets to get the rest and the sharp agave.

We shared some with other neighbors, planted a few at the house, and the rest we planted in our xeriscaping garden at The Land, which is beginning to look quite expansive.

All of these plants in our xeriscaping garden started out as discarded plants in our neighborhood, but one after one we brought them to The Land and gave new life to the almost lifeless plants.

Our xeriscaping garden is only temporary for now, as we will have to fill up the building site, before we can even begin to consider the garden area. But it is a good start, and for now they are thriving at The Land, and once established we don't have to water them, which is a good thing, since we have no permanent water source over there.

Have you found any free plants lately?