Welcome To Dancing Treetops

Dancing Treetops is based on our family's passion for living a green, frugal life.

As a family of seven, with dad being a science and math teacher and mom being a stay-at-home mom, our budget is and always has been tight. Over the years we have learned a lot of frugal lessons, which we previously shared with our readers at Frugality Is Free, but time has come for a change.

Over the past couple of years we have been trying to find our right space in the blogoshpere, as we went from city living to small-town living.

Thanks to our frugal lifestyle, we have been able to make moves that have benefited our family greatly, and with our recent family expansion the time is now.

So here it is - Dancing Treetops. We welcome new readers as well as previous FIF readers to our new online forum, and we hope that you will all be a part of our journey, as we strive to live a frugal, green life, learning along the way how to be more green, save green and keep our community green.

Our new name Dancing Treetops stem from a place that we all hold dear to our hearts - The Land. The Land is an acre of woodland, which we acquired about a year and a half ago just around the corner from our home, and it is where we one day dream of living.

We have four sons and a daughter aged 17 years to 7 months, and life is never dull, but when we spend time at The Land, we find time to breathe, to enjoy nature, to dream of the future and to work together under the dancing treetops.