The Land Saga - Our Story - Part I

After having raised our children in the city for more than a decade, we were eager to find greener pastures for our family.

We had spent our "youth" trotting the globe, attending college in the Northeast and experiencing life in different countries with and without our kids, but as our children grew up, we felt a deep and distinct longing to return to a place that felt like home. In 2016 we made the leap, when we moved from the busy, urban South Florida to North East Florida, where the pace is slower, the surroundings greener, where we had family and friends nearby, and where our kids get to be kids.

We knew where we wanted to be, but we did not know how to get here. At the time we did not find the perfect property for our future needs, but what we did find was a large newer manufactured home on its own .10 acre lot near schools surrounded by green yet a short bike ride away from the town and a short car ride to the beach. The best part was that we ended up being mortgage free, which has helped as we settled with new jobs in a new area of the state. It was supposed to be temporary until we found the perfect home, in the right location and at a price we could afford.

We consider ourselves blessed. The new home turned out to be perfect for our needs, the location where we needed to b. Instead of looking for a new home, we realized that we could not find the home we wanted, in the location we wanted, with the amount of land available at a price we could afford. The kids love their schools, we love our neighbors and our neighborhood, and so we started looking closer to home.

palmetto brush

In 2018, we purchased a 1.05 acre lot just around the corner from our current home. It is still right by the schools, it is still just a bike ride away from town and even from the beach, and is a blank, well wooded, canvas for us to tailor to our large family's needs with the space around us.

The Land, as we call it, sits on part wetland, but before we purchased it we got a wetland delineation done, so we know where we can build. It is beautiful North Florida forest land with big pines, palm trees and lots of palmettos.

We bought the land in October 2018, and it was dry and beautiful.

We bought a wood chipper, and we had big plans.

Then in December everything flooded...

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