About Us

We created Dancing Treetops as an outlet for our green fingers as well as a way to document the transformation of The Land, our one acre of woodland in North East Florida, which we are in the process of transforming into the perfect place for our new home. We aim to live a sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and we try to make the world a little greener every day. We are always working on finding more edible plants fruit trees that grow in North Florida, and as we expand our Florida food forest we do so by using as many permaculture principles possibly. 

We are a family of seven. Dad is a math and science teacher and mom is a writer and stay-at-home mom to our five children aged 2 years to 19 years old. 

The kids founded a local nature society and organize several clean-up events in our community every year. 

For the past decade we have been blogging at Frugality Is Free, and Dancing Treetops is our new endeavor, as we have left the city for greener pastures.

So whether you are friends from our previous blogging days, or whether you are a new blogging friend or Florida gardener, we welcome you to our new green space here in the blogosphere.

We invite you to participate in discussions, ask questions and give us any tips to how we can become better stewards of this world.

For questions, tips, feedback and more you can always contact us at:



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