Our First Plant Sale - Earning Money For The Garden

I've been dreaming of selling some of my plant and tree seedlings for a while, but I was not sure if there were any buyers out there. So, when my neighbor wanted to have a yard sale, I decided to go along and do a yard sale too, but what I really wanted to do was a plant sale.

So for the past couple of weeks I've been cutting up any kind of container, milk jug, yogurt container etc., and then I started planting out the seedlings, getting them acclimated to the outside etc. I'll be the first to admit it, I overdo it when I plant, so I always have way too many plants around....but hey someone needs to help clean the air, when they keep on tearing down the trees around here. 

Plant Sale

It was all an experiment, and I wondered whether I was putting too much effort into the plants and trees. 

The kids and I made signs, we put them out the night before, and then we posted on Craigslist. 

We were hoping to get some of the traffic from the schools on each side of us, but starting at 8 a.m. on a Friday also meant that I had to get 4 kids out the door for school while getting all the yard sale things out....not the easiest thing to do.

And the customers were lining up, not for the yard sale stuff...but for the plants. Within the first hour or so, I had sold dozens of plants at $1 a piece. I had even started digging up plants, as customers were requesting them.

I never planned on getting a big profit, I really just wanted to cover my soil expenses for the organic soil I use to start the plants indoors and then maybe start a seed fund to get some of the plants on our family's wish list. I also really wanted to do my part to green up the city a bit, and while I was planning on giving away plants through my children's neighborhood nature society, getting a little for it to cover my expenses just made sense. 

Well, I ended up earning enough for both the soil and the seed fund, and I will definitely be having another plant and tree sale, when it is time for everyone to get their spring gardens started here. I always have too many pepper and tomato seedlings, and I always try to share with friends and family, but getting something for it to add to my seed/plant fund is even better.

As for the yard sale....well that was a bust, and I will keep on consigning the kids clothes instead, donating what we don't need, passing on clothes to friends and then save myself the trouble of dealing with a yard sale.