Make Your Own Reusable Face Masks - Washable and Affordable.

The sewing machine had to be dusted off recently, so that we could make our own reusable face masks. After having seen images of face masks littering shore lines in Asia, the only option for our family was to sew our own face masks.

We found some fabric scraps and elastic band, and we used the detailed instructions from Erica Arndt to make our own washable face masks.

It also provided an opportunity for two of our kids to improve on their sewing skills, and our 7-year-old daughter Blue and our 10-year-old son enjoyed sewing part of their own washable face masks. They have yet to use the homemade face masks in public, as we have kept the kids home, but even if we're in the car, the younger kids bring along their reusable face masks....just in case.

Check out Erica's Sew Your Own Reusable Face Mask video here.

If you are not yet convinced that making your own, reusable, washable face masks is the best way to go, then I encourage you to check out this news video on how disposable face masks are littering beaches here.

Have you made your own reusable face masks? Or have you found an easier way to protect yourself, when you go out in public?